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Comprehensive Adaptive Management Plan

The Las Vegas Wash Comprehensive Adaptive Management Plan (CAMP) was published in January 2000 and addressed the tough issues surrounding the Las Vegas Wash at the time, such as erosion, habitat loss and water quality. The CAMP guided the Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee's (LVWCC) stabilization and enhancement of the channel for more than two decades. It also informed the development of the Las Vegas Wash Long-Term Operating Plan, which will guide the LVWCC's activities as it moves to management of program facilities and other assets in July 2022.

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Executive Summary

Section I: Introduction

Section II - Overview of the Las Vegas Wash

Chapter 1 - History of Las Vegas Wash
Chapter 2 - Flows in the Las Vegas Wash
Chapter 3 - Erosion in Las Vegas Wash
Chapter 4 - Water Quality

Section III - Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee

Chapter 5 - Committee Development & Accomplishments
Chapter 6 - Erosion and Stormwater Study Team
Chapter 7 - Shallow Groundwater Study Team
Chapter 8 - Alternate Discharge Study Team
Chapter 9 - Clark County Wetlands Park Study Team
Chapter 10 - Environmental Resources Study Team
Chapter 11 - Land Use Study Team
Chapter 12 - Jurisdictional & Regulatory Study Team
Chapter 13 - Public Outreach Study Team
Chapter 14 - Funding Study Team

Section IV - Summary of Recommendations


Las Vegas Wash Comprehensive Adaptive Management Plan Action Plan, April 2000

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