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A closeup of three southwestern willow flycatcher nestlings laying in a pouch after being tagged by biologists

Southwestern willow flycatcher program at Wash hits historic milestone

This summer at the Las Vegas Wash was significant for both southwestern willow flycatchers and biologists.

While surveys for the federally endangered bird have been conducted at the Wash for the past 25 years, this was the first summer with multiple breeding territories and nests with eggs, nestlings, and most importantly - at least one young bird surviving long enough to leave the nest, hopefully to return in the future to establish its own breeding territory.

Two territories produced several nests and clutches, but due to predation, only the third attempt by one of the pairs succeeded in hatching.

A permitted biologist from SWCA Environmental Consultants banded the three 7 to 9-day-old chicks, allowing for identification for the rest of their lives using specific color sequences.

Field staff returned several days later to confirm fledging (i.e. young leaving the nest). The nest was empty, and the adults were nearby feeding one fledgling, the youngest from banding day. The two older nestlings were not seen but were hopefully in the area and just exhibiting greater independence.

This historic achievement is the result of dramatic changes at the Wash over the years, particularly the establishment of native vegetation and improved hydrology, creating high-quality habitat for the flycatcher.

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