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Who we are

Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee

Organized in 1998 to address erosion and water quality issues, the Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee is represented by 26 federal, state and local agency partners, environmental groups, the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as two citizen members. Committee members meet three times a year, as do goal-focused study teams.

  • Administrative Study Team - education, outreach and grant funding
  • Research and Environmental Monitoring Study Team - research, monitoring and data review
  • Operations Study Team - engineering, construction and soil stabilization

Request a presentation

The Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee is continually striving to keep the public aware of current activities in the Wash, as well as the overall project goal. Public involvement has been and will continue to be crucial to this project.

If your group would like to hear a presentation on the Coordination Committee and current activities in the Wash, please call 702-822-3300 or send an email. For all other presentations, please call 702-258-3930.

Coordination Committee meeting agendas

In accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes, meetings and agendas are posted on the following schedule, barring any server problems:

Meeting agendas are posted online by 9 a.m. three business days prior to the scheduled meeting (NRS 241.020).
Meeting minutes are posted online within 30 days after the meeting (NRS 241.035).
Minutes typically are posted after approval by the Board, which usually occurs at the board meeting following the date minutes were recorded.

Meeting agendas and minutes

April 23, 2024: Meeting Agenda
Oct. 24, 2023: Meeting Agenda | Meeting Minutes
April 25, 2023: Meeting Agenda | Meeting Minutes
Oct. 25, 2022: Meeting Agenda | Supporting Materials
April 26, 2022: Meeting Agenda | Meeting Minutes

Las Vegas Valley Watershed Advisory Committee

Establishing a management structure to provide local oversight for the Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee was one of the key recommendations from the Las Vegas Wash Comprehensive Management Plan. This led to the creation of the Management Advisory Committee, which later reorganized into the Las Vegas Valley Watershed Advisory Committee (LVVWAC) to expand the focus from the Wash to the entire watershed.

Eight local agencies make up the LVVWAC:

LVVWAC vision: Las Vegas Wash established and maintained as an integrated community resource.

LVVWAC mission: To develop the Las Vegas Wash into a resource for the community by stabilizing erosion, protecting water quality, and supporting the development of the Clark County Wetlands Park.

View LVVWAC Agendas and Minutes