What is "the Wash"?
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What is the Wash?

Las Vegas Wash Panoramic Photos

A photographic documentation study was initiated in spring 2000 at the Las Vegas Wash to develop a permanent record of activities. The photographs demonstrate physical alterations resulting from flood events and the progress of revegetation activities in certain areas, as well as gradual differences that occur in the Wash over time.

For the first three years, photos were taken twice a year (March and September), but are now taken on an annual basis. Using a Global Positioning System (GPS), permanent photographic points have been established and are revisited each year.

Currently, there are 22 sites that are photographed. These sites include the Las Vegas Bay delta , revegetation sites, bank stabilization sites, areas where grade control structures are located or under construction, and other areas of interest.

Our database of photos for this project is available for viewing through our photo gallery. The Panoramic Location Maps gallery indicates where photographic sites are located. The sites are grouped into five separate regions and the galleries for each are listed below:

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