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What is the Wash?
Teacher/Student Materials

Games: Crossword Puzzle

Across Down
1. A bird that lives in the Las Vegas Wash 2. Another word for treated wastewater
4. A place where a valley's water drains to 3. Removal of sediment from stream's banks
6. The result of a lot of rain coming down 4. An endangered bird living in Las Vegas Wash
9. The area in which a threatened or endangered species lives 5. Fish, wildlife, vegetation
11. Plants that live in wetlands 7. Relationships: From microorganisms to ecosystems
12. The result of overwatering a lawn, washing a car, letting a hose run, etc. 8. The land area that drains water to a certain waterway
14. Where a species lives, calls home 10. To clean the water
  13. A bird living in the Las Vegas Wash


ACROSS: 1. Blue Heron 4. Wash 6. Flood 9. Critical habitat 11. Cattails 12. Runoff 14. Habitat DOWN: 2. Effluent 3. Erosion 4. Willow Flycatcher 5. Species 7. Biodiversity 8. Watershed 10. Polish 13. Egret

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