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What is the Wash?
Teacher/Student Materials

The Las Vegas Wash Project Coordination Team continues educational outreach with students in the Las Vegas Valley. The Las Vegas Wash provides a unique opportunity for teachers to educate their students about water quality, plant life and wildlife at the Wash.

Teacher/Student materials

"The Clear Blue Line" - Teacher's Guide 380 KB
Egret bookmark worksheet 149 KB
Heron bookmark worksheet 64 KB
Killdeer bookmark worksheet 76 KB
Least Bittern bookmark worksheet 71 KB
Mabel Hoggard Water Quality Sampling Program 5 KB
Red-winged blackbird bookmark worksheet 78 KB

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Download it here.

Las Vegas Wash Project Coordination Team • 100 City Parkway, Suite 700 • Las Vegas, NV 89106 • (702) 822-3300