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Las Vegas Wash Comprehensive Adaptive Management Plan

The Las Vegas Wash Comprehensive Adaptive Management Plan (LVWCAMP), which was presented for approval by the Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee on Dec. 28,1999, tackles the tough issues surrounding the Las Vegas Wash such as erosion, habitat loss and water quality.

Public Participation in LVWCAMP Development

As part of the development of the Las Vegas Wash Comprehensive Adaptive Management Plan, the Coordination Committee felt it was important to both educate the public and seek input during the development process. Public participation was sought through numerous ways:

In total, nearly 250 comments were received from more than one dozen entities, consultants, stakeholders and members of the public during the 35-day comment period (held 10/12/99-11/20/99). All comments received during the comment period are included in Appendix 15 of the LVWCAMP document. Each comment was considered separately and a response is listed with each comment. Of the comments received, 90 percent of the comments were either directly incorporated, or taken under advisement for future consideration.

Note: All of the below documents are in PDF format.

Executive Summary 760 KB

Section I: Introduction 264 KB

Section II - Overview of the Las Vegas Wash

Chapter 1- History of Las Vegas Wash 824 KB
Chapter 2 - Flows in the Las Vegas Wash 1.1MB
Chapter 3 - Erosion in Las Vegas Wash 936 KB
Chapter 4 - Water Quality 776 KB

Section III - Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee

Chapter 5- Committee Development & Accomplishments 315 KB
Chapter 6 - Erosion and Stormwater Study Team 584 KB
Chapter 7- Shallow Groundwater Study Team 448 KB
Chapter 8- Alternate Discharge Study Team 384 KB
Chapter 9- Clark County Wetlands Park Study Team 568 KB
Chapter 10 - Environmental Resources Study Team 680 KB
Chapter 11 - Land Use Study Team 396 KB
Chapter 12 - Jurisdictional & Regulatory Study Team 376 KB
Chapter 13 - Public Outreach Study Team 408 KB
Chapter 14 - Funding Study Team 168 KB

Section IV - Summary of Recommendations 708 KB

Appendices 11 MB

Las Vegas Wash Comprehensive Adaptive Management Plan Action Plan, April 2000 417 KB

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