Why is "the Wash" important?
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What is the Wash?
Recreational Opportunities

Recreational Opportunities

The Las Vegas Wash is the final link in the Las Vegas Valley’s watershed, carrying the valley’s excess water – an average of more than 195 million gallons a day – to Lake Mead. It serves four very important functions that benefit everyone who calls Southern Nevada home:

In 1991, Nevada residents approved a wildlife and parks bond earmarking $13.3 million for erosion control and construction of a Wetlands Park project in the Wash. Two years later, Clark County began work on a master planning process for the Wetlands Park.

Construction on the Nature Center within the Nature Preserve began in fall 2010 and is expected to be complete in summer 2012. Once finished, the Nature Center will be approximately 35,000 square feet and will consist of three buildings plus a circular interpretive kiosk joined together by a roof, as well as an observation deck surrounding the structure. The facility will house offices, classrooms, an auditorium, exhibit gallery, gift shop, cafe, lounge and research lab. In addition, the existing parking lot will be expanded.

Just down the street, you can visit the City of Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, which utilizes the reclaimed water from the city in an innovative way – it created another haven for the birds of area, and those migrating through, to rest and nourish themselves. So, not only are the ponds useful in water reclamation efforts, they are also improving the aesthetic value of the land and providing important wetland habitat. = external link

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