Why is "the Wash" important?
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What is the Wash?
Our Environment

The abundance of water and lush vegetation in the Wash attracts both desert inhabitants and water loving creatures alike.

Imagine a place just minutes from your doorstep where you may encounter plants and animals such as the American Avocet wading through the cattail marsh and the Kitfox sipping a drink from the water's edge.

Each year, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of the valley's residents visit the Wash to hike, research, and recreate. The Clark County Wetlands Park was created to provide a place for visitors to enjoy all that the Wash has to offer. The park provides a place for people to learn or just enjoy the aesthetics of the Wash. Hopefully, as the Clark County Wetlands Park develops, the number of visitors to the Wash will increase.

The American Avocet

Another site along the Wash is the bird viewing preserve at the City of Henderson water reclamation facility, where birds use the evaporation ponds as feeding and nesting sites throughout the year. This facility is just a few hundred feet from the Wash, and promises to continue to be a highlight of the restored Wash area.

Maintaining the delicate balance between our needs and uses for the Wash and those of the plant and animal life has become something of a crusade for many valley residents. Their passion and dedication to this unique oasis ensures that the plan for the Wash will take into consideration the needs of each of the area's inhabitants. Please check out our Research section for more information on current projects taking place in the Wash.

Explore our website's species lists of birds, animals and plants to find out what you might see during your adventure at the Wash. Don't forget to bring your binoculars!

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