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Summer at the Las Vegas Wash

For many, summer brings to mind vacations, lazy days and barbecues. Why not get out of the house and fill those long summer days with educational activities at the Las Vegas Wash?

Fill long summer days with educational activities at the Wash

Home to numerous species of plants and wildlife, the Wash has always been a well-kept secret in Southern Nevada, providing opportunities for physical activity and great learning experiences. In addition, the Las Vegas Wash is surrounded by the extensive trail system of the Clark County Wetlands Park, providing visitors even more ways to enjoy nature. As part of the Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights Alliance, the Wetlands Park understands the importance of getting kids outdoors, connected to nature and physically active.

The most recent additions to the trails at the Wetlands Park are the Pabco and Wells trailheads. Combined with the existing trails and trailheads at the park, they provide an opportunity for the community to get outdoors. The Pabco Trailhead features a gathering area with shade structures to accommodate 80 people, picnic tables, restrooms and parking facilities among other amenities. The Wells Trailhead features shade structures, parking and restrooms as well.

The Wash is a natural channel that carries shallow groundwater, stormwater, urban runoff and reclaimed water from the Las Vegas Valley into Lake Mead. In addition to playing an important role in our watershed and as habitat for plants and wildlife, the Wash is a valuable resource for leisure and relaxation. Whether you prefer to take a jog or go bird watching, we encourage you to enjoy the Las Vegas Wash.

For more information on trails and the Wetlands Park, please call the Information Center at (702) 455-7522.

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