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Three Kids Weir

Officially completed in July 2015, the Three Kids Weir is located between the Homestead and Rainbow Gardens weirs. The $11-million erosion control structure is one of the largest of its kind at the Las Vegas Wash, measuring 450 feet across, with an elevation drop of 17 feet. The construction work was conducted by Aggregate Industries, who also built the Lower Narrows and Homestead weirs.

Three Kids Weir is one of the largest of its kind at the Las Vegas Wash

The weir was named after the historically significant Three Kids Wash, found just upstream of the weir. To further ensure the integrity of the weir design, SNWA engineers partnered with the Engineering Research Center at Colorado State University to create a scaled model in an outdoor flume and tested it under a variety of flow conditions. Construction of the weir saw numerous obstacles, including two tectonic fault lines, a series of culturally significant and sensitive areas, and delays caused by multiple flood events.

The Three Kids Weir was designed to replace the temporary Demonstration Weir, constructed by Lake Las Vegas in 1999. The Demonstration Weir was the first rock riprap erosion control structure constructed at the Las Vegas Wash. This landmark structure proved that rock riprap provided adequate erosion control, while becoming part of the natural landscap and allowing vegetation growth. As a prototype, the design required maintenance on a regular basis to make repairs sustained from high flow events. The Demonstration Weir was removed as part of the initial phase of construction.

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