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What is the Wash?
Channel Stabilization

Types of Erosion Control Structures

All of the erosion control structures constructed along the Wash are permanent, low height dams designed to withstand large storm events. While all of these weirs are engineered and capable of bearing significant flows, some of them look quite different than others because of the materials used in their construction. Many of the weirs are constructed of confined rock riprap, which gives the structures a more natural look, similar to a gentle waterfall. The Monson Weir, shown below, is an example of this type of structure.

monson weir

Other structures have obviously been constructed by human hands. One example is the Rainbow Gardens Weir (shown below), which is constructed of roller-compacted concrete.

rainbow weir

Materials used in construction vary for several reasons, including initial cost, dewatering needs during construction, long-term maintenance requirements, and the channel characteristics at a given site. The design is based upon technical criteria codified by the Clark County Regional Flood Control District, where applicable. In cases where criteria is not applicable or is not present, design procedures and criteria available from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been applied.

Completed Erosion Control Structures

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