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What is the Wash?
Channel Stabilization

Sediment Study

A sediment study was conducted in the Las Vegas Wash by Dr. Howard Chang of San Diego State University. The study examined sediment transport encompassing the area from the Clark County Water Reclamation District and City of Las Vegas discharge points to the intake at Lake Las Vegas. Dr. Chang began the study in the summer of 2001. He analyzed existing conditions and then analyzed what scour and sediment transport would be with the 22 planned erosion control structures in place. These data allowed him to examine both the do-nothing alternative (i.e., no erosion control structures or bank protection) and the completed stabilization alternative. The study is now complete and an update on Dr. Chang’s findings will be posted in the future.

aerial view

Ongoing water quality testing and analysis has shown that with half of the planned erosion control structures installed, the amount of suspended sediment being transported in the water column has decreased by 50 percent.

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