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What is the Wash?
Channel Stabilization

Bureau of Reclamation Continues Contribution to the Wash

Nonstop bulldozers, crashing boulders, heavy-duty trucks and 10 hour days! This is the life for Bureau of Reclamation's (BOR) specialized construction crew. These highly-trained teams are an important and valuable part to the restoration process taking place at the Las Vegas Wash.

Bureau of Reclamation crew
Reclamation construction crews based out of Provo, Utah, install down drains and repair a roadway that was damaged by storm flows from spring flooding.

What makes these construction operators so unique are their years of highly-specialized training and involvement with environmentally-sensitive projects. From high mountain streams and endangered fish to wide-open prairies of sensitive habitat, these operators are not only environmentally friendly but environmentally helpful.

The Bureau of Reclamation has assisted with channel stabilization activities on the Wash since 2001. Thus far, their crews have constructed three erosion control structures (Monson, Visitor Center Weirs, and Calico Ridge Weirs), and have maintained and conducted flood damage repair, and installed several thousands of feet of bank protection. Other projects include building the constructed wetlands pond at the Henderson Water Reclamation Facility. To date the Bureau of Reclamation’s construction efforts on the Wash have saved the public more than $10 million in commercial construction costs.


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