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What is the Wash?
Channel Stabilization

Calico Ridge Weir

The Bureau of Reclamation began construction on the Calico Ridge Weir in Spring 2004 and construction was completed in February 2005. Like many weirs on the Wash, it is a confined rock riprap structure, chosen on the basis of practicality, low cost and a desire for the structures, where possible, to have a more natural appearance.

The structure is designed as two-stage weir. The upstream slope is set at 3:1, and the weir section has a minimum width of 20 feet and a length of 399 feet. The existing channel bed immediately below the weir section lies at approximately 1,485 feet. To meet expected future channel bed scour conditions, the structure's apron floor is set at an elevation of 1,485 feet.


The structure has a permanent footprint of approximately four acres and about 40 acres have been impacted by construction activities. This acreage includes the permanent structure footprint, areas to be graded within the channel, and construction equipment and material staging areas.

Construction entailed foundation grading, installation of a sheet pile cutoff wall and rock riprap.

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