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What is the Wash?

Current Revegetation Activities

The revegetation program is a critical component of the overall plan to protect and enhance the Wash. Plants help prevent erosion because their roots act as soil anchors during scouring events like floods.

In addition, revegetation benefits the variety of wildlife species that occur along the Wash, and providing habitat for species formerly found along the Wash. Because the Wash was not historically a riverine system, it does not have an abundance of source plants native to these conditions. Moreover, during its transitional period, exotic species such as salt cedar (Tamarix ramosissima) successfully established in the area and became the dominant species. As a result, the plants used to restore the Wash to a natural-type condition include a variety of species native to the surrounding area and riparian areas in the region.

Much of the revegetation activities along the Wash take place in areas impacted by the construction of erosion control structures. In addition to areas impacted by construction, a number of grants also have been received to assist in the success of the revegetation program. Grant providers include the Clark County's Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, the Nevada Division of State Parks, the Bureau of Reclamation and the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act. To date, approximately 337 acres have been revegetated along the Las Vegas Wash, depicted in the map below. Of these 337 acres, 77 acres are wetlands.

planting map
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Monitoring of all revegetation sites along the Wash takes place annually to ensure they are continuing to meet goals set in place by the Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee. All sites are measured for their total vegetative cover as well as the cover of each plant species on each site. On newer sites, the survivorship of plants also is measured. This information allows us to know how well the native plantings are doing and if invasive species are reestablishing in the area. The 2011 Las Vegas Wash Vegetation Monitoring Report details the most recent monitoring effort.

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