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What is the Wash?

Tributary Water Quality

Tributaries to the Las Vegas Wash carry water from urban and industrial areas of the Las Vegas Valley. The purpose of the tributary monitoring program is to characterize the water that flows from the tributaries into the Las Vegas Wash.

Sampling Sites

The seven major tributaries are: Meadows Detention (LVC_2), Las Vegas Creek (LW12.1), Flamingo Wash (FW_0), Sloan Channel (SC_1), Monson Channel (MC_2) and Duck Creek (DC_1) and Burns Street (BS_1). All of the sites are shown on this map.

Monson Drain, one of the tributaries leading from the
Las Vegas Valley into the Las Vegas Wash

Sampling Frequency and Parameters

Tributary water quality monitoring is conducted on a quarterly schedule and occasionally during rain events. Flow measurements, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and electrical conductivity are measured in the field. Samples are collected and sent to be analyzed for heavy metals, cation-anion, perchlorate, nutrients, bacteria, and organic contaminants.

Results - Example

The study has been conducted for several years now and a significant amount of data has been collected. The chart below shows average Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentrations at the tributary and seep sites.

Average TDS concentration for tributary sample locations from January 2003
through December 2007. LWC3.7 and LWC6.3 are no longer sampled.

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