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Water Quality Citizens Advisory Committee (WQCAC)


The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) established the Water Quality Citizens Advisory Committee (WQCAC) in July 1997. The Citizens Advisory Committee consisted of 21 citizens who were appointed by the SNWA Board of Directors. There was also one member representing the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP). The WQCAC was composed of a diverse group of stakeholders representing a broad section of water quality and demographic interest. There were a total of 17 meetings beginning in August 1997 and ending in June 1998.


The WQCAC was established to discuss and prioritize issues and recommend actions to protect the water quality of the Las Vegas Wash, Las Vegas Bay and Lake Mead. This committee also provides the public an avenue for obtaining information and providing feedback on water quality issues. The committee reviewed a wide range of topics including storm water runoff and nonpoint source impacts, flood and erosion control, water quality standards for Las Vegas Wash, Las Vegas Bay, and Lake Mead, discharge limits for treated wastewater, drinking water standards, wastewater and water treatment processes, loss of wetlands, and the development of a wetlands park along Las Vegas Wash.


One conclusion of the WQCAC was that the water quality issues related to the Las Vegas Wash are complex and not the responsibility of any one public entity. Therefore, an interagency and community-wide effort is required to address the many issues.

The WQCAC developed nine recommendations, which were presented and approved by the SNWA Board of Directors in June 1998. The board then requested that SNWA staff develop an action plan to identify the process needed to implement these recommendations. The action plan was approved in July 1998. One recommendation and component of the action plan directs the SNWA to serve as the coordinating entity to identify all stakeholders and oversee the development of a comprehensive management plan for Las Vegas Wash.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority will bring together all interested stakeholders to discuss and develop a plan to address the many issues related to the Las Vegas Wash.

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