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Stakeholders tour Las Vegas Wash

Local citizens and members of numerous local, state and federal agencies recently participated in the annual Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee (LVWCC) tour, getting a firsthand look at the past year's various achievements.

After opening remarks from Keiba Crear, Manager for the Environmental Monitoring and Management Division at the Southern Nevada Water Authority, participants explored Clark County Wetlands Nature Center exhibits, including larger-than-life dragonflies and reeds, interactive displays and hands-on interpretive displays. While boarding the tour bus, copies of the Year-End Report were handed out as well as a tour book.

Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee Members Receive On-Site Update

The first stop was the newly completed Duck Creek Confluence and Upper Narrows Weirs, where attendees received information on construction and water quality.

Next on the tour was the Clark County Museum, the new home of a milk house found along the Wash in 2007 at the Bishop Ranch archaeological site. Thanks to tempered-glass skylights placed in the roof, members were able to view the steps that lead into the milk house and other stone work.

Members were then directed to the Pabco Road Weir Trailhead. As part of the Clark County Wetlands Park master plan, the Pabco Road Weir Trailhead includes a large parking area, shaded picnic tables, restrooms and a small amphitheater overlooking the Wash. Once completed, the trail system will connect the north and south sides of the Las Vegas Wash and will be designated for hiking, biking and equestrian activity. While at the Pabco Road Trailhead, staff discussed outreach activities, educational programs and tours along the Wash.

After a few moments at an overlook of Calico Ridge Weir, stakeholders were taken to the Wells Overlook, where cameras and binoculars were used to catch glimpses of the variety of wildlife that lives at the Wash. Staff then shared information on the weir's effectiveness, shallow groundwater workplan and multiple volunteer planting events.

A stop at the Las Vegas Bay Overlook showed participants where the Las Vegas Wash flows into Lake Mead. The tour concluded with a final backward glance at beautiful and dynamic Lake Mead, the final depository of the Wash.

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