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Completed weirs receive award

In addition to being the site of the 2012 Fall Wash Green-Up and one of the newest additions to the Clark County Wetlands Park trail system, the Homestead and Lower Narrows weirs project has been named the Environmental Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association (APWA) Nevada Chapter.

Made of rock riprap, the Homestead and Lower Narrows weirs are two of the largest erosion control structures built in the Las Vegas Wash, spanning nearly 480 feet across and steering water through a 31-foot descent. Prior to construction, more than 100 acres of salt cedar (tamarisk) were removed. The weirs now provide 29 acres of wetland ponds, 3 miles of walking trails and a half-mile scenic drive within the Wetlands Park.

Las Vegas Wash honored with national award

The project was among 10 finalists nominated in six categories and evaluation criteria included community need and service, design intricacy, aesthetic value, funding and sustainability.

Workers faced a few challenges in the process, including the discovery of a 1900s-era root cellar, which archaeologists excavated, catalogued, crated and shipped to the Clark County Museum. A heavy rain storm in December 2010 flooded the work area, requiring recovery before construction could continue.

Located near the new Wells Trailhead, the Homestead and Lower Narrows weirs complete 15 of the 22 planned erosion control structures that slow water flow, reduce erosion, filter sediment and allow plants and wildlife to thrive along the Wash.

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