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The Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee Turns 15

October 2013 marks the 15th anniversary of the Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee (LVWCC). Formed in 1998, the LVWCC was recommended by the Water Quality Citizens Advisory Committee and was tasked to address an increasing amount of erosion issues involving the Las Vegas Wash and potential water quality effects.

The original 28-member LVWCC identified nine areas of concentration and associated recommendations. This evolved into The Las Vegas Wash Comprehensive Adaptive Management Plan (LVWCAMP). The LVWCAMP has since served as the guide for the current 29-member LVWCC and its three study teams: the Operations Study Team to focus on infrastructural solutions, the Administrative Study Team to focus on public involvement and educational outreach, and the Research and Environmental Monitoring Study Team to focus on biological, cultural, water quality issues.

This 10-year anniversary plaque sits just east of the Upper Diversion bridge at the Clark County Nature Preserve

In its relatively short lifespan, the LVWCC has achieved much success and received several awards for accomplishments at the Las Vegas Wash. Some of these include:

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