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What is the Wash?
Coordination of Goals

The Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee (LVWCC) was formed in October 1998 at the recommendation of the Water Quality Citizens Advisory Committee (WQCAC).

The LVWCC consists of 29 members and its goal is to bring together all interested parties to address the many issues related to the Las Vegas Wash.

The wide range of issues relating to the Wash led the LVWCC to adopt a "study team" structure with experts in a particular area on each team. The LVWCC originally identified nine specific areas of focus, and nine study teams were created to identify issues and develop related recommendations. After 12 months, the study teams' recommendations were rolled into The Las Vegas Wash Comprehensive Adaptive Management Plan (LVWCAMP).

Once the LVWCAMP was developed, the nine study teams were regrouped into three new teams. These three teams focus on implementing the recommendations set forth in the LVWCAMP and moving forward with on-the-ground activities.

The LVWCC meets quarterly and welcomes input from the public and stakeholders in the Wash.


Our Mission

The Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee will evaluate all facts, issues, and concerns regarding the Las Vegas Wash in order to develop and implement a practical, comprehensive approach for managing the Wash in a timely manner.

Las Vegas Wash Project Coordination Team • 100 City Parkway, Suite 700 • Las Vegas, NV 89106 • (702) 822-3300